Carta abierta de Fake Steve: ¡A joderos, coño!

This price cut is actually all your fault. If more of you had purchased these things at the $600 price point, we wouldn’t need to mark them down, would we?


We put a mass market luxury product out there, with innovative user interface technology and more hype than the friggin first man on the moon, and still you failed to come through for us. Now you’re whining about a rebate? Or a free copy of Leopard? At this point I’m not sure you deserve Leopard, not at any price.


Anyway, it’s been a pretty good week. We’re screwing everyone in sight. We screwed you. We screwed AT&T. We screwed NBC. Man oh man. I feel like Ron Jeremy.

Texto completo y otras delirantes reflexiones sobre el iPhone en The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Dear early iPhone adopters: Yeah, we fucked you.

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